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Cinematic Sound Design (Membership Deal)

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Cinematic Sound Design (Membership Deal)

0 ratings

Hyperrreal presents a Cinematic Sound Design Membership deal featuring 5 tiers.

Each new release will be added to the related Tier.

Tier 1 Bronze - 22 Cinematic Atmospheres + 15% discount for all products.

Atmospheres are suitable for a variety of electronic music genres, including ambient, psytrance, dark synth, trailer music, and more.

Tier 2 Silver - access to Bronze tier + 22 Hybrid SFXs + 15% discount for all products.


Added 14 Hybrid Signatures (WAVs).

The tier features Braams, Signatures, Downers, and more.

Tier 3 Gold - Access to Bronze & Silver tiers + 15 Hybrid Pulses + 15% discount for all products.

Inspired by Doom & Cyberpunk, Hybrid Pulses are suitable for action cinematic sequences for films and video games.

Tier 4 Diamond - Access to Bronze, Silver & Gold tiers. Hybrid Cinematic Preset Pack (70+ Vital VST Presets + Samples). Access to all future releases both for Vital and Serum VST. Full access to unreleased material.

Ultimate tier to get all essentials for cinematic music production.

Tier 5 Elite

Get all from the Diamond tier + extra bonuses that will be available exclusively for Elite tier.
You get - Hybrid Cinematic Preset Pack, access to all tiers, current, unreleased, and future products on Gumroad.
Up to 5 custom presets for Vital or Serum VST.
Customer support, 1v1 Q&A.
Free physical merch (delivery included) for future products.

This product is not currently for sale.